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Difference Between Cooking Wine And Regular

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Wine is a delicate drink prepared with grapes. It is being consumed with any meal to enhance the flavors of the various dishes. Wine has been in use since ages, but many of us still are not aware of the difference between regular wine and the cooking wine.

The cooking wine is one which is prepared using grapes that are of low quality. It consists of salt which is missing in the usual drinking beverage. The purpose of adding salt is to preserve the wine for a longer time. When cooking wine is opened, it can be used later. But, when regular wine is opened, it should be consumed within a few days otherwise the taste changes and the wine tends to become sour because of the exposure to sun. The shelf life of regular product is obviously less than cooking type.

Many feel that cooking wine is used for cooking. But is it true? Chefs believe that dishes prepared with wine should not be served. It is considered a low quality wine that has a pungent flavor and is not included in the list of ingredients of many chefs and cooking experts. The wine can neither be used as a drink. Well, at the most one can find it as an inexpensive substitute to regular wine. So, do not get perplexed when you are pondering whether to use cooking wine in a dish. Remember, this kind of wine is no good in preparing various dishes and recipes. Always use the drinking variety to enhance the flavors and taste of dishes.

Source by Kum Martin